SPBD Genset Mate

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System Intro

SPBD Genset Mate

All-in-one design, integrated with the battery, BMS, battery inverter, EMS, thermal management system and distribution panel, IP54. Various connection method, with PV, Genset or busbar, easy installation & one button start.


SPBD Genset Mate


01. Timeless switch (0ms), multi-generating resource hybridazing

02. Up to 50% fuel saving under hybrid mode

03. Stablizing genset operation, reduce impact to genset

04. All in one design, ready for depoly & installation

05. 1C charge/ discharge rate, maximum 2C rate, provide high efficiency

06. Embedded mechine learning algrithum, increase renewable peneratrion through operation

System Preview

SPBD Genset Mate