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Project Introduction

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System Features

1、The system is applied in those regions which are not connected to main grid or the connected grid is not stable, such as undeveloped cities, towns, mining sites, oilfields, and isolated islands etc.

2、The power resources of the hybrid grid could include unstable grid power, stored energy, solar energy, wind energy, biomass energy, micro-hydro energy, and diesel genset. The working mode of the system is adjustable.

3、The advanced Energy Management System (EMS) could maximize the utilization of renewable energy. It has the function of energy conservation and emission reduction, at the same time, it could save the costs a lot by using less fossil energy which is very economic for users.

4、The EMS could manage the loads with levels in a scientific and reasonable way so as to ensure in priority the normal and maximum operation of key loads when the hybrid grid energy is insufficient.

5、The user-friendly SCADA monitoring and control interface could provide real-time data and history record. The hybrid grid operation status could be transmitted to the remote monitoring center through cloud platform.




The PV smart micro-grid includes off-grid type smart hybrid grid, grid-tied type smart hybrid grid, and solar home power system.


Hybrid grid is mainly applied in those remote mountain regions, mining areas, and islands without electricity.