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Grid-tied Smart Hybrid Grid

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Application Environment: it is generally applied in the public utilities or for industrial and commercial purposes such as cities, towns, parks, buildings, hospitals etc.

System Features

1、The system is applied in the regions that have weak grid power. The weak grid will cause power failure very often, which will affect normal business operation and people’s life.

2、The Solar-Diesel-Battery hybrid grid will be installed at the user side of the weak power grid. It could maximize the usage of renewable solar energy to supply power to loads, which will replace partially or completely the traditional energy resources.

3、The gird-tied type smart hybrid grid could connect and run with commercial power grid, and also, it could be switched to off-grid mode automatically and seamlessly to supply uninterrupted power for loads when there is unplanned power failure from the commercial grid.

4、The smart hybrid grid system will preferentially utilize the solar power and battery power. In the case that solar and battery power are insufficient while the commercial grid power is not recovered from blackout, the genset will be started automatically to supply the loads.

5、When the commercial power is recovered, the smart hybrid grid could detect the signal automatically and simultaneously to switch the power supply to commercial grid seamlessly.

6、The advanced EMS could manage the utilization of solar renewable energy maximumly, could maximize the life of energy storage system through rational utilization of the battery, it could also manage the genset to minimize the consumption of fuel.

7、The EMS could manage the loads with levels in a scientific and reasonable way so as to ensure in priority the normal and maximum operation of key loads when the hybrid grid energy is insufficient.

8、The user-friendly SCADA monitoring and control interface could provide real-time data and history record. The hybrid grid operation status could be transmitted to the remote monitoring center through cloud platform.


System Schematic

PV array