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Solar Water Pump System

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The solar water pump system is composed of solar array,solar pumping inverter, and water pump. It replaced the energy storing devices through water storage which the water will drive pumping. Such design has high reliability and could reduce greatly the costs of system construction and maintenance. The solar water pump system is widely applied in desalination, desertification control, domestic water, agricultural irrigation, forestry watering, pasture animal husbandry, scenic spot fountain, water treatment project and so on.

The solar water pump system has following characteristics:

1、The solar pumping system is automatic operation during the day time without watchman or operator.

2、The high efficiency direct drive solar pumping inverter adjusts the rotate speed of water pump according to the sunlight intensity which will maximize the output power close to the maximum power of solar array. When the sunlight is very sufficient, the inverter will keep the pump rotate speed not exceeding rated speed. When the sunlight is insufficient, the inverter will detect if the pump operation could proceed at the lowest setting frequency, if not, the water pump will stop working automatically.

3、The water pump is actuated by three-phase alternator which pumps water from well to water tank/reservoir, or connect to the irrigation system directly.

4、The well-designed system protection function could ensure safe and reliable operation.

5、The friendly man-machine interface and remote control & monitoring system could facilitate the customers to moniter the running status of the pumping system.

6、We could customize our products according to the different requirements of customers so as to provide economic and effective solutions.


System Schematic

PV array