SP5.0/7.5B10 ESS

All-in-one Residential Energy Storage System插图
All-in-one Residential Energy Storage System插图1

System Intro

SP5.0/7.5B10 ESS

All-in-one design, integrated with the battery, BMS, hybrid inverter, EMS, fire fighting system, thermal management system and distribution panel. IP65, easy installation.


SP5.0/7.5B10 ESS


01. All-in-one design

04. Up to 10pcs series/ parallel operation

02. *Embedded EMS

05. APP for status monitoring

03. <10ms switch time

06. 150% overload for 30s

07. Intelligent prioritizing power, improve PV usage & battery lifetime

*Control logic include: Active/ reactive power control, managing power priority, power quality management, peak shaving, fuel saving, PV-BAT-GEN hybridization, emergency backup, etc.

System Preview

SP5.0/7.5B10 ESS

All-in-one Residential Energy Storage System插图2