The 2MWp Solar Hybrid System project of 25 Villages in Ethiopia
The 2MWp Solar Hybrid System project of 25 Villages in Ethiopia插图



Project overview

On December 3rd 2020, Sino Soar together with its consortium member won the bid of the 25 Villages Micro-grid Project-Lot 3-2MWp PV-Diesel-Battery Micro-grid EPC project in Ethiopia.

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This project is the first Megawatt-scale Micro-grid project of Sino Soar in East Africa, marking that Sino Soar has successfully taken root in the East African market and laid the foundation for the development of Micro-grid projects in the region in the future.

Located in Bokolomayo village, Somalia state, the southernmost part of Ethiopia, the project includes 2MWp PV, 5.5MWh BESS, 450kW Diesel Gen-set, and Energy Management System. Sino Soar is responsible for the design, supply, installation, commissioning, operation, and maintenance of the project.

The project is funded by the African Development Bank. After the project is completed, it can provide 24 hours of continuous and stable electricity for the UN Refugees camp in this region.

Established in 2009, the Bokolmayo Refugees camp is one of the 8 camps in Somali region hosting 26,793 Somali refugees who are seeking international protection and asylum in Ethiopia.

Over the past two decades, Ethiopia has made significant progress in increasing power supply, but the country’s electrification rate is still less than 30%. The Ethiopian Electric Utility has identified more than 250 remote villages to realize electrification through the construction of Micro-grid. The 25 villages covered by this project are within the scope of this construction.

As one of the winning bidders, Sino Soar ADAPTS to local conditions to provide customers with Turnkey solutions. Make full use of local abundant solar energy resources, configuration PV system, diesel generating sets as well as the energy storage system combination of intelligent Solar Hybrid system, and cooperate with the independent research and development of Energy Management System to rationally allocate and manage the resource allocation among multiple energy systems and intelligent switch power supply mode, ensure long-term and stable operation of the power grid.

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It is worth mentioning that this project will also be connected to the data acquisition and cloud monitoring platform (SCADA) independently developed by Sino Soar, which can conduct real-time collection and measurement of equipment in each link of the microgrid system, and conduct data monitoring and control remotely. Parameter adjustment, and a fault signal alarm system, effectively improving power supply efficiency and system safety. In addition, the SCADA platform of Sino Soar provides web and mobile APP management portals, which is convenient for management personnel to operate on any terminal at any location. No matter where you are, you only need one device connected to the network to monitor and manage the system in real-time, thus, reducing management costs.

Project significance

  • The project provides UN refugee camps with 24 hours of continuous and stable electricity;

  • Make full use of local renewable resources to compensate for local energy forms;

  • Reduce the cost of electricity generation and help the development of local public welfare.