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Solar Hybrid Power Project

Solar Hybrid Power Project in Maldives



Solar Hybrid Power Project in Maldives

Maldives 26 Islands light diesel storage projects, including the design, supply, construction and operation and maintenance of the whole project.The project is undertaken by Sinosoar, and has been successfully put into use by relying on professional technical team and strict and responsible work style. The project is the largest solar mini-grid project in Maldives and the largest energy industry intervention project.

The project ensures the stable and lasting power supply of 26 residential islands in Maldives, benefiting about 25000 residents, greatly improving the power consumption level of local people, and the project is equipped with EMS and central SCADA centralized monitoring system enables the capital malé to monitor the power generation, power consumption, oil saving and emission reduction of each island in real time and remotely, which truly realizes highly automatic control and dispatching and maximizes the use of renewable solar energy!

Project significance