System Intro


The combination of PV, BESS, Wind, Hydro, Diesel generators offers all the advantages of the respective systems while eliminating their possible weaknesses: Solar electricity is comparatively cheap and creates almost no maintenance costs. Yet, its availability is limited to the daytime (as long as no storage devices are implemented). Diesel generators offer power all around the clock, but inevitably drive costs up.

However, the key to tapping the enormous potential of hybrid solutions is an advanced intelligent management of the power sources involved: The Sinosoar Hybrid System operates on an intelligent control unit which ensures that as much PV-energy as possible is used and still keeps the genset in its optimum working range. In this manner, Sinosoar Hybrid System offers all the benefits of a hybrid system.


System Intro

SCADA(Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) system is data acquisition and cloud monitoring platform, which can realize the whole life cycle management of distributed power stations, industrial hybrid power stations and power stations in remote areas, can improve the power supply efficiency of power stations, reduce operation costs, and support third-party access. In the power system, SCADA system is the most widely used and the most mature technology development. It plays an important role in the telecontrol system. It can monitor and control the on-site operating equipment, so as to realize various functions such as data acquisition, equipment control, measurement, parameter adjustment and various signal alarms, which is known as the “four remote” function. RTU (remote terminal unit) and FTU (feeder terminal unit) are important parts of it. It plays an important role in the construction of substation automation.


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Sino Soar Hybrid GDP

About Sinosoar SP30H

SINOSOAR SP30H Power Conversion System is an on/off-grid bidirectional converter that is specially designed for Mini-grid System. It is used to connect battery and AC power grid and carry out the bidirectional transformation of power according to the scheduling of energy management system or configured parameters.

The AC side of the SP30H Power Conversion System/Hybrid Inverter can be connected to the grid and work independently off the grid. The specially designed strategy makes it easy to work in parallel with the Diesel-Genset.

Compact design for easy installation; Well-designed 30kW model is applicable to various system capacities up to 300kWp.


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High Yield

  • Three-level topology, Max. efficiency up to 97.5%
  • 1.2 overload capacity, No derating up to 50℃
  • Wide DC input voltage range, Support 100% three-phase imbalance

Dedicated to Mini-grid

  • On/Off-grid mode, Synchronize with Diesel-Genset
  • 4-wire output, appliable for various loads
  • Modular extendibility provides up to 10 pcs paralleled connection

Safty and Reliability

  • Battery charge & discharge management integrated, Maximize battery life
  • L/HVRT, L/HFRT, soft start/stop
  • Support fast P/Q control; Adapt to different grid parameters

Plug-in Design

  • Modular Design
  • IP65 for reliable operation in all environments
  • Easy site commissioning; Monitoring via Web/APP

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