System Intro


The combination of PV, BESS, Wind, Hydro, Diesel generators offers all the advantages of the respective systems while eliminating their possible weaknesses: Solar electricity is comparatively cheap and creates almost no maintenance costs. Yet, its availability is limited to the daytime (as long as no storage devices are implemented). Diesel generators offer power all around the clock, but inevitably drive costs up.

However, the key to tapping the enormous potential of hybrid solutions is an advanced intelligent management of the power sources involved: The Sinosoar Hybrid System operates on an intelligent control unit which ensures that as much PV-energy as possible is used and still keeps the genset in its optimum working range. In this manner, Sinosoar Hybrid System offers all the benefits of a hybrid system.


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Energy Management

Smart Management

Reduce Fluctuation

Seamless Switchover




Plug-in Design

Modular Design

Compatible with all Sources

Flexible Extension




Web Based SCADA

Visible Control

Integrate with EMS

Fault/ Warning Alarm




Optimization LOCE

Improve RE Generation

Reduce fuel consumption

Improve Grid Quality



 System Intro


SINOSOAR Hybrid GDP (Global Data Platform – Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) is a micro-grid information management system supported by cloud computing, Internet of Things and other technologies which is independently developed by Sino Soar Hybrid (Beijing) Technology Co., Ltd. It is designed to provide intelligent monitoring, O&M services, as well as the full life cycle management of micro-grid solar plants for business owners and third-party O&M companies.

SINOSOAR Hybrid GDP could fulfill the full life cycle management of distributed power plants, industrial hybrid power plants, and power plants located in the remote area. It could improve the power supply efficiency of the plant and lower the cost of operation. Meanwhile, it supports third-party access.

The GDP system is based on the SAAS platform, users only need to log in the account to enjoy all the needed services. The system has the functions of real-time data display, power generation statistical reports, event records and so on. It is characterized by supporting Center SCADA, remote control, and other functions. The publishing is in WEB mode and it supports multi-platform and multi-terminal (browser, mobile APP) data access.


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      User Friendly


The GDP System has “Center SCADA” function, and it supports web browser and mobile APP access. No matter when and where, users can conveniently monitor and manage all links of the power station.


     Remote Control

Efficient Management

The GDP System is based on the Internet of Things technology and Hadoop technology. It helps customers realize centralized O&M management of multiple energy sources. GDP can perform real-time data collection, equipment remote control, measurement, parameter adjustment, and various signal alarms etc.


       Fault Alarm

       Data Report

The GDP System is equipped with a formidable cloud Hadoop platform and integrated with the data collection system to fully guarantee the different management needs of users at all stages of the power plant and ensure the stable operation of the power plant.


  Improve Efficiency

      Reduce Costs

The remote centralized O&M mode eliminates the needs of arranging a large number of management personnel and a large number of on-site inspections to save the management costs.


   Data Encryption

   Global Coverage

The system can collect data from global power plants which are connected to the internet, It adopts TSL encrypted channels for data transmission and HTTS for data access. At the same time, it applies the AWS data backup technology to achieve data security.


      Easy Access

       Plug & Play

The GDP System is based on the Saas account service and it connects with the EMS through SINOSOAR communication management machine which is convenient for access. Users only need to log in their account to access all authorized services.




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