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Project overview

 Myanmar has a population of about 51.4 million, 70% of which are rural residents, and 84% of rural households are located in areas without electricity. The annual electricity demand and  consumption of residents are growing rapidly. At the same time, due to the heavy dependence on  seasonal hydropower generation, the existing power generation system cannot meet the peak demand in the dry season. Although the gas power generation in Myanmar has increased slightly in recent years, the reliability and coverage of the overall power supply are still low. Power shortage and power interruption are the main problems in Myanmar.

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At the same time, power shortage limits the economic development of Myanmar, and the basic life of the people cannot be better improved.

SINOSOAR adheres to the corporate mission of “Power the World with Hybrid Energy” and actively take part in ” Myanmar National Electrification Project”. Since 2016, SINOSOAR has been serving Myanmar off-grid project. In 2020, SINOSOAR is in execution of the IT-1 Project for design, supply, installation of 8,388 sets of systems and user training. 

This project funded by the Italian government will bring lights for more than 100 villages and over 56,000 families, it will help them to light their house in the dark night, charge mobile phone and watch TV. SINOSOAR’s work has been highly recognized by the Myanmar government and the Italian funders..
After the completion of installation, SINOSOAR plans to set up 7 maintenance stations around Myanmar to continue supplying high quality service, and it will also provide many job positions for local people.

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Project significance

  • Provide Myanmar people with sustainable, safe and environmentally friendly power equipment to meet their basic power demand;

  • To solve the employment problem of Myanmar people and provide more jobs and technical training for local people;

  • Sinosoar pays great attention to the power safety of Myanmar users and actively carries out independent technical innovation in the implementation of the project.